Powerful Statistics

Track all dimensions of your game automatically with auto shot tracking and post-round statistics.

Shot Detection and Easy to Use Tracking

Track your strokes, putts, penalties, shot distance, location, and club used. Track golf shots live or post-round at your convenience.

Apple Watch Integration

Roundabout for iOS integrates with the Health app to launch your golf activity seamlessly with the Apple Watch and track your golf workout.

Virtual Coach

Using Strokes Gained and artificial intelligence, Virtual Coach does the analysis for you and guides your practice, making it easy to understand where you need to work.

  • After your round, Roundabout’s stats are instantly generated analyzing your golf performance, showing your strengths, weaknesses, and path to improvement.
  • Statistics include: strokes gained, shot patterns, club distances, scoring, greens in regulation (GIR), fairways in regulation (FIR), scrambling, putts per green, putts per GIR, estimated handicap, and more.
  • Strokes gained stats available for any skill level from PGA TOUR to beginner, and are broken down by overall score, driving, approach, short game, and putting.

Virtual Caddie

Artificial intelligence uses your playing history to recommend a club based on lie, yardage to the hole, and weather conditions.

Golf GPS data available for 40,000+ golf courses worldwide

Accurate golf distances to greens, tees, hazards, and landing zones on both the phone and Apple Watch.

Club Selection

Manually set the pin for precise golf distance to facilitate correct club selection

Bird's Eye View

Enjoy beautiful aerial satellite views

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Combining Auto Shot Detection with an advanced golf GPS rangefinder, Roundabout is now the most powerful tool in your bag while on the golf course.

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Play better, practice smarter with Roundabout.



  • Auto shot tracking
  • Scorecard functionality
  • Basic statistics

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  • Personalized data analysis of your golf game
  • Auto shot tracking
  • Scorecard functionality
  • Basic statistics

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