How to Choose Your Tier for Roundabout

October 6, 2022

Unsure of which tier of Roundabout to choose? We’ll break them down for you in this blog post. 


The free version is the easiest to start with. You’ll have access to over 40,000 courses and can use our satellite course maps to track your shots and keep score. You’ll automatically get distance to pin and wind speed information, as well as a full scorecard. 

This version is great for someone who is fine with manually tracking their shots and just wants a virtual scorecard to keep track of their performance over time. 



The Par level of Roundabout includes everything in the free version plus auto shot detection. This allows you to use your Apple Watch to detect your shots, so you can keep your phone in your pocket and focus on the rough in front of you. 

This version is perfect for an Apple Watch owner who wants to let the technology do the work so they can focus on the game.


Including everything in Par, Birdie adds a statistical analysis layer that is invaluable for anyone who is really looking to diagnose their game and improve each time they play.

Starting with Strokes Gained, the app delivers performance metrics against a standard you choose (from Tour Pro to 25 Handicap), for the four main areas of your game, Driving, Approach, Short, and Putting. Strokes Gained can tell you exactly where you need to focus your practice to see real improvement on the course, and tells you how you’re progressing towards your handicap goal. 

Roundabout also delivers Driving Direction and Shot Distribution data in easy to digest, colorful graphs. See how far you hit your driver, how often you hit the fairway, and when you miss if it’s on the right or the left side. Use Shot Distribution to see how often you’re hitting your target so you can diagnose swing errors using your own playing data. 

Finally, Three Keys shows you exactly how many mistakes you’re making each round in each category. Is it Three Putts or Penalties that are hurting your handicap? Use Three Keys to take the guesswork out of your score. 

This version is perfect for someone who likes to sit down post round and do their own stats analysis. 


Including everything from Par and Birdie, Eagle adds Virtual Coach and Virtual Caddie to your feature set.

Screenshot: Virtual Coach

Virtual Coach takes all of the statistics Roundabout collects and does the analysis for you. It’ll tell you exactly what to work on first and second as you’re trying to drop your score. Virtual Coach even reports back on what areas you’re improving and what areas you’re declining in over time.

While you’re playing your round, Virtual Caddie acts like a caddie in your pocket, recommending clubs based on lie, yardage, and current weather conditions. Virtual Caddie will also display your miss tendency shot by shot, so you’ll know exactly how to set up for the next shot. If you’re really serious about improving on course, Virtual Caddie will tell you exactly what to do. 

Eagle also opens the Course Records feature so you can see records and average performances from courses near you, and see how your personal records stack up against your neighbors. Can you set a new record for your course? 

This version is the best fit for a competitive golfer who is serious about improving each round they play, who wants to let Virtual Coach do the analysis for them so they can focus on their improvement. 

Selecting the right tier of Roundabout for you is important. Choose Par for basic score tracking, Birdie for advanced stat and data tracking, or Eagle for advanced stat and data reporting. 

Happy Golfing!