How To Update Your Clubs in Roundabout

February 3, 2023

Itching to get out on the course to try out a new club? Start with updating your clubs in Roundabout to save yourself time at the first tee.

Here is how to update your clubs in Roundabout:

  1. Open Roundabout app and click on Settings.

  2. Click on “Tracking Preferences”, then click on “Manage Clubs”. 
  3. You can edit any of the default clubs by clicking on the club type, then use the menu to change club type and make. 
  4. If you know your seed distance you can select the yardage by clicking on the green box. If you don’t, you can use Apply Default Distances in the bottom menu, or Apply Smart Distances if you have enough round data in your app. 
  5. Remember, how you order and organize your clubs is entirely up to you! You have space for 13 clubs plus a putter in your bag, but you can add more clubs to the “On the Shelf” section. You can then use the hamburger (three lines) to move clubs in and out of your bag as you finalize your go to clubs. 
  6. Press “Save and Exit” to save your changes


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