Improve Your Three Big Mistakes Each Round with Roundabout’s Three Keys

August 4, 2021

What are the Three Keys?

In Roundabout, the key to scoring starts with eliminating three big ‘mistakes’ you may be making each round. These three keys are penalty strokes, three putts, and two chips. Penalties consist of any extra stroke you have to take as a result of a bad shot, such as; Out of bounds, penalty area/water hazard, or unplayable lie. A three putt is easily explained as putting the ball 3 times before it goes into the hole, from any range. Two chips are anytime it takes you multiple shots to reach the green from inside 75 yards. The number of mistakes in a typical round is the biggest difference between the average golfer and the lower handicaps. Therefore, eliminating these mistakes is the fastest way to better golf, deserving of the unique callouts in Roundabout.

How to view your Three Keys.

There are two different ways to view your three keys within Roundabout. The first way to view them is in your post round analysis screen after a round of golf. The app will show your performance for those three keys during that given round, while also displaying your potential score if you would have eliminated those mistakes. The second path you can take to view your three keys is through the analyze tab. Click on your profile, then scroll down to the three keys tab. There, you will see a chronological graph showing how you did in each of your past rounds regarding your three keys. 

Pro tip: This graph also has a filter to toggle specific date(s) you are interested in viewing, number of rounds shown, and round type. 

What makes these metrics the Three Keys?

These three keys are very common mistakes most golfers of all skill levels make. Golfers will be able to improve their game and shoot lower scores faster by focusing on these 3 areas of the game. These mistakes are often the difference between your best round ever, and just an average day on the course. Penalty shots, three putts, and two chips can add up very fast and encompass every element of the game of golf. Roundabout makes these mistakes easy to identify, so you can learn from them in the future, and improve your golf score.

How to improve your Three Keys?

The instinct after a bad round is typically to just head to the range and bash balls, however the key to rapid improvement is focused practice. The 3 keys will help you focus on the area where you throw away the most strokes. Find yourself struggling with one of the 3 keys, here are some ways to practice with focus and improve.

1. Putting

If you struggle with putting, the first thing you can do is look at the putting section in your Roundabout Post Round Summary or in the putting section under ‘Analyze’ to understand if you are missing the short ones or struggling with lag putts. If you’re struggling with the short ones, simple drills such as the circle drill can make an impact fast. In the circle drill, simply place 4-8 balls in a circle around the hole on the practice green. Start from 3 feet and try to make all of them, then back up to 4 feet, 5 feet, and so on until you feel confident that you are making more than you are missing. Struggling from distance? Time to focus on the speed of your putts. A favorite drill to many is the ladder drill. On the practice green, set a towel or tee out at 15 feet and at 40 feet. Hit past the 15’ object, but short of the 40 foot object. Then the game consists of trying to hit each subsequent putt past the previous ball, without going past the 40 foot object. The more putts you hit, the smaller range you’ll have to end your next shot. See how many shots you can hit before leaving one short or hitting it past the 40’ target. Your speed control will improve rapidly. If your problems are with green reading, use our new Putt Details function to track your green reading to better understand what you need to work on with the flatstick.

2. Two Chips

Two chips are when it takes you more than one shot to get on the green from inside 75 yards. This includes from bunkers and the rough. Oftentimes amateurs either try to do too much from these situations or fundamentally don’t know technique, but for higher handicappers the best thing you can do is take the easy route and just make sure you get the ball on the green. Forget firing at short sided pins or trying that Phil Mickelson flop shot. Pick a club and a shot that you know you can get on the green. We just improved our putting in the last section. Get it on the green and give yourself a chance. With a little practice, your confidence will improve and you can continue to hit those chip shots closer and closer.

3. Penalties

While sometimes penalties are the result of a poor ball striking such as a chunked shot, typically penalty shots are the result of decision making. Knowing your trends and tendencies will allow you to select more conservative targets when trouble lurks. For example, if you tend to miss to the right, take extra care when there is a lake or out of bounds on the right hand side. Simulate this situation on the range by picking a target that you must stay to the right of and hit specific shots until you are comfortable that you can avoid trouble. If your penalty shots are the result of poor ball striking, use our new Strike Tracking to track how you tend to hit the shots so that you can work with your V1 Pro golf coach to eliminate that chunked iron.

View your three keys today and know where you need to practice prior to your next round. 

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