Roundabout – Course Explorer Feature Highlight

August 25, 2021

Playing a new course for the first time can be challenging. Not knowing where certain hazards are, how long it is to carry bunkers, or not being totally certain of what a specific hole does can affect your score at the end of the day. When professional golfers hit the links , they like to play multiple practice rounds before they start the tournament. With Roundabout* and Course Explorer you now have the tools to preview what lies ahead before starting your round. 

Course Explorer is a powerful feature that allows you to scout out every hole on the course from the top down, seeing everything from the tee box to the green in one view. You are able to check out any yardage from any position on the hole as well. This is very valuable when investigating how long it is to clear a bunker from the tee, or how far it is to reach a given hazard.

We used hole 18 at the University of Michigan Golf Course as an example to show how this works. With a narrow fairway pinched by bunkers and a water hazard in front of the green, it highlights how crucial knowing your yardages are as the screenshots show. Think of Course Explorer as a yardage book for every course that you can customize and discover any yardage you want before you get to the hole!

Course Explorer comes with a unique ‘Community Score’ feature that will help you get a scope of how others played on that particular hole. You will see spots (labeled by circles with numbers) on the hole’s GPS map where people have hit their drives and the score they ended up recording. It also provides the average score on the hole, along with the average amount of putts as well.

With Course Explorer, Roundabout can help paint a picture of what you are getting into every time you play the hole, and to also add a fun challenge to see if you can beat the average score!

To access and view Course Explorer, tap the “Virtual Coach” tab on the homepage of Roundabout and scroll down to the “tools” section. 

Course Explorer is available in Roundabout’s Eagle Subscription. Upgrade today to get exploring!

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