Roundabout: Custom Round Summary

November 12, 2021

In “Feature Friday” we show off the best features of Roundabout so you can get the most out of your golf game. Today, we cover how to customize your Round Summary.

Round summary

In the new and improved Round Summary, we added some simple templates to let you easily share your analytics and show off your round. By selecting our custom view, you can use our dedicated vertical or horizontal scorecard layouts to add a picture from your camera roll and share your round with friends. Make sure to use hashtag #v1game and share on your favorite social media platform to help grow the community. This feature is available to all Roundabout users with no subscription required.

How to Share

round summary custom layout

In your round summary, simply scroll to the first slide to get to the screen that looks like the above. Then just simply tap on the screen where it says ‘Press here to make…’. This should open up our custom layout view as you’ll see below.

Customizing Your Layout

First, select Vertical or Horizontal to toggle the layout to one that will fit your picture best. Use Vertical for tall pictures, like a golf swing. Use Horizontal for wide pictures, like a landscape. Simply tap on the screen to bring up the import tool where you can select any picture from your camera roll. Once the picture is imported, you can pinch to zoom and drag to pan the picture to the desired location. Once you have it how you like, simply use the share buttons at the bottom to share to your favorite platform or save to your camera roll.

Don’t forget to use the #v1game hashtag or @v1sports to let us know how you did!

Download Roundabout in the app store today and start tracking your golf performance like the pros. Click here to download Roundabout.