Roundabout: Potential

January 12, 2022

Play to your Potential with Roundabout Round Summary

In “Feature Focus” we show off the best features of Roundabout so you can get the most out of your golf game.

In the new and improved Round Summary, we have condensed the key analytics and feedback into easily digestible and shareable images. Let’s cover exactly what you’ll see in Potential which requires a BIRDIE subscription or higher after your first few rounds with Roundabout..

Roundabout Potential screenshot

What is Potential?

Potential is essentially what you could have scored had you avoided scorecard wrecking mistakes. Here are the scorecard wreckers in no particular order:

3+ Putts:

Fairly self explanatory, three putts are when you take three or more putts to get in the hole. While not all three putts are ‘terrible’, even pros three putt at times, limiting three putts is one of the quickest ways to improve your score.  In the putting details, you’ll find a quick way to know if you need to work on long, medium, or short putts. If you find yourself three putting, this is typically speed related. Work on controlling your speed with simple drills to improve your three putt avoidance.

2 Chips:

Two chips is when you take more than one shot to get on the green from inside 75 yards (69 meters). Whether it’s greenside bunkers or half wedges from the fairway, if you are missing the green from short distance, you are costing yourself strokes. Take the time to learn basic techniques that can reliably get on the green. Most amateurs focus too much on getting the ball super close, but even the pros only get up and down a fraction of the time. Mistake avoidance is often more critical to scoring and can often be sabotaged by targets that are too aggressive for your skill level.

Penalties / Recoveries:

Penalties actually accounts for penalties and recovery situations. Anytime you hit your ball into a penalty, such as out of bounds, hazards, or unplayables, you are costing yourself critical shots. Recovery shots are similar, but not typically as costly. In Roundabout, shots should be marked as ‘Recovery’ anytime you do not have a chance to advance to the green to an adverse situation, such as trees, plugged lies, impeded swing, etc. Marking these lies as recovery properly penalizes the previous shot for putting you into a poor situation. In the Round Summary, recoveries are considered 0.5 penalties as it usually costs you at least half a stroke to punch out or get back in play.

Total Mistakes:

Add up the previous three categories and you get total mistakes. While occasionally these mistakes are do to ball striking (ie. you chunked an easy shot), often these are mistakes that can be easily avoided with better decision making and target selection. If statistically you only have a chance to clear that lake 60% of the time, then taking on that shot is probably a bad idea. The Roundabout Round Summary highlights these mistakes so that you can be aware of how many shots you cost yourself with these scorecard wreckers. Reduce mistakes and start playing to your current potential without even improving your swing.

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