Roundabout: Putting

February 22, 2022

Sink your putt with the Roundabout Round Summary

In “Feature Focus” we show off the best features of Roundabout so you can get the most out of your golf game.

In the new and improved Round Summary, we have condensed the key analytics and feedback into easily digestible and shareable images. Make sure to use #v1game and share on your favorite social media platform to help grow the community. Let’s cover exactly what you’ll see in Putting which requires a BIRDIE subscription or higher after your first few rounds with Roundabout.

Roundabout Round Summary


The definition of putting is pretty simple – all shots on the green. We break your putting down into key segments to let you know where to practice. This slide also changes the main scorecard at the bottom to show putts rather than score. 

Putts by Distance

While everyone wants to make every putt they look at, often our expectations are out of touch with reality. Even the best in the world only make 50% of their putts from 8 feet! In Roundabout, we break putting into three distance buckets. 

  1. Short (<6ft) – You should make the majority of these. If not, you are giving strokes away to the field as all handicap levels are fairly proficient here.
  2. Makeable (7ft-25ft) – If you are Jordan Spieth, these putts are ‘makeable’. Don’t confuse that with ‘should make’. These are putts that you would like to get to the hole and you should be making at least a few of these each round. You should not be 3 putting from this range or you are giving strokes away and likely need to work on speed control.
  3. Lag (26ft+) – These are long putts. The average Tour Pro is just as likely to 3 putt from 30 feet as he is to make it. A two putt from 30 feet is great. From this bucket, three putts will happen. You want to minimize them, but your focus here should be on speed and getting it close. Making these is a bonus.


That is the new and improved Putting slide in the  Roundabout Round Summary. This slide is included in all BIRDIE or higher subscriptions and will help you on your path to playing better golf.

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